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General overview of other mmo's

Discussion in 'Other MMO's General Chat' started by Tagnus, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Tagnus

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Let's get right into it shall we?

    I'm going to discuss other mmo's that we might be interested in as I know many of you don't know the ways of the market as other people so I'll be updating this thread with all the latest releases.

    More importantly will hopefully be a list of people that play these already live mmo's.

    If you want to be included OR I missed out a game that you play, let me know ingame so I can amend it or drop me a message on the forum :)

    Hip Hip Hoo-what?

    Age of Conan

    Age of Conan will always be described as a failure following the launch of the game but I'm told that regular updates have improved the game with the content it was lacking in certain areas. It may not be perfect but the game has in my opinion one of the best combat mechanics in any game I will discuss. Oh, and the graphics are amazing if you have the pc up to the task :p


    Age of Conan is p2p mmo (Subscription needed, will refer to all other mmo's by either p2p or f2p) There are 4 races to pick from & 4 archetypes to pick from in terms of classes, each archetype contains 1-3 classes depending on your race and preference.

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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Allods Online

    Haha. I know what your thinking, WTF is Allods Online?
    Have no fear as I'm here to help in educating you. Many of you may recognise the name from people in the kin mentioning it or by playing it themselves.


    Basically Allods Online is a f2p mmo that draws comparisons to World of Warcraft graphical style and UI that most games these days want to implement to have a strong middle ground before building upon their own ideas.

    Unlike LOTRO, Allods has 2 races: The Empire & The League. There are 8 classes to pick from but each class has different uses depending on talent points etc. This is nothing new in the mmo market and I will be talking about these games later.

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    People owns/playing the game: Heathrandir, Mordous, Tagnus, Remirez

    Champions Online

    I'm listing Champions Online because its situation has changed recently as Cryptic have announced that the game will be going f2p from early next year.


    Champions Online is a superhero mmo in which you create a hero using the vast customisation options the game has to offer in terms of appearance. Powers are fully customisable (ie. colour, location) and what powers to take and in what order is fully customisable making for some really unique characters. With f2p coming next year, there are going to be 8 archetypes that the game will use to guide the new players that arrive next year.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc0kz7aClfE"]Gameplay (Sorry about the music)[/ame]
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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    EVE Online

    The running joke for some, the best mmo for others. EVE is a love-hate game due to its 'complications' but make no mistake about it, EVE Online is a p2p space sandbox game in which the world is your oyster so to speak as any roles you can think of can nearly virtually come true. I could go on and on but I know your busy :p


    EVE Online allows you to make a character choosing from 4 difference races and within those are 3 bloodlines that change your appearance etc. Advancement in the game is time-based rather then action based (killing a mob) This is seen as one of the drawbacks from the game in some eyes but in others it shows how long a character has been playing and gives the player time to work the ins and outs of the game while training is taking place.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGplrpWvz0I"]Trailer (Best trailer ever :) )[/ame]
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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Final Fantasy 14

    The latest addition to the long running Final Fantasy, number 14 returned to the mmo scene after the success of Final Fantasy 11. I know a few of us tried to play the beta so that's why I included it regardless of its problems.


    There are 5 playable races to pick from during character creation. Classes is another topic though as the game has an interesting feature, each class is part of a discipline that may contain other classes that are similar to the class. Changing your weapon equipped effectively changes your class (ie. if you equip a hammer, your character becomes a blacksmith) The more you use a certain type of weapon then your skill in that class increases.


    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Global Agenda

    A strange addition to the list as its an online shooter similar to the ill fated APB. This is in the list as another option of the mmo market other then an mmorpg like LOTRO. Another reason to justify the place on this list is the recent change in subscription type, the game now uses a content powered payment similar to Guild Wars (You pay for expansions rather then monthly)


    There are 4 classes available to choose from that each fill a role in the game. Customisable talent trees and different weapons for each class round up a class system that is simple enough for the main aspect of the game to not suffer as much as it would if there were more.

    Which leads me to the main aspect, PvP, yes there are some among of us who are fed up for LOTRO's shortcomings in terms of PvP and there are some who do not like to PvP. The game has recently received the first expansion that adds alot more PvE options for those who don't want to PvP but I would advise to stay away from this game if you don't want to PvP.

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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Runes of Magic

    Known by many as the leading f2p created game. This game is very popular because in many people's eyes its the best alternative to World of Warcraft's subscription. The UI and gameplay is very similar to WoW's but the game does have some unique features that draw people in.


    There are 2 races and 8 classes to choose from but given that there is a dual class system, there are 24 different combinations you can choose from. There is a housing system, extensive crafting options and guild versus guild battles. Overall, a very strong f2p mmo that takes elements from 'AAA' games and adds some unique features that make it appealing to most people.

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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Star Trek Online

    Famous franchise most lead to a good game right? Well the answer to that depends on who you ask. Star Trek like EVE has a love-hate relationship with most people (Being both in space, maybe there is something into that!)


    There are numerous races to choose from or you could use Cryptic's brilliant avatar customisation (same as Champions Online) and create your own with unique virtues etc. There are only 3 different 'roles' you can pick from but within that there is obviously different routes you can fill within that role ie. Science officers are de-buffers and healers.

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    People owns/playing the game: Tagnus

    World of Warcraft

    The big bully in the mmo market, the one game everyone aims for in terms of popularity and financial success. World of Warcraft needs no introduction, 2 expansions into the lifetime of the game with a third coming soon, it shows no sign of stopping its dominance in the mmo market.


    While World of Warcraft has its shortcomings compared to other games in the mmo market (It has no housing system for example) the fundamental gameplay mechanics in the game are simply defined for most people to use and deep enough for those obsessive hardcore people to fret about. This mix of hardcore and casual is why the game is so popular around the world. The game also boasts some of the best PvP options the genre has to offer, it also helps that there is enough content now to keep people complaining with the Achievement system seemingly a success in bringing old content back to the forefront.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26AMTwklMmg"]Trailer (Damn you Blizzard and your amazing cut scenes)[/ame]
    I'm not going to give you any gameplay video because you should all know what WoW looks like but here is in my opinion one of the pvp videos ever. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGBnjELkgok"]Introducing Pat[/ame]
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    People owns/playing the game: Unknown

    Other games to be added/considered/memorable mention:

    City of Heroes/Villains
    Dungeons & Dragons Online
    EverQuest 1 & 2
    Fallen Earth
    Guild Wars
    Mortal Online
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Warhammer Online

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